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Why is it so that I have to constantly be taking updates
for my merchandise even after paying money?

The short answer is that the merchandise industry is built that way. A few wholesalers control most of the distribution of merchandise, and their businesses are geared towards mass volume sales.

Somewhere along the line, merchandise has become a need. It is the identity of any organization.

Quantity and low pricing overshadowed the quality. Merchandise wholesalers pump out huge lots of merchandise with too many errors in sizes and prints and more importantly with a substandard quality. At the end of the day it is you who is paying money for merchandise as an organization and it is you who will be using it.

We know that we can build high-quality merchandise for the same cost, without going through the hassles and the cumbersome processes. So, we quit our day jobs and started Tailored Merchandise.


Every order gets attention

Our approach is a bit different than most merchandise or printing firms– in our back pocket that allows us to think in reverse and let the production process inform our design. We are always striving to bring a strong sense of material and tactility to our visual work.

We love to work with others that love the creative process as much as we do. Our clients include colleges, non-profit organisations and corporate companies, these are people who don’t necessarily have a design background, but just love create-witty

Our team comprises of designers and printers working together to carefully create and look over fine details of your merchandise. You’ll notice our process is smart, simple and clean — just like the t-shirt that you will wear.


Every Deal brings more to All
Less is More

We let you focus on the things you care about -- style and design. Our simple and elegant model is made to reduce the burden on you. You do less in terms of work and get more in terms of quality. All this and hassle free.

Single Point Contact

Talk to just one guy. Our merchandise is crafted on an order to order basis, no major inventory to take care of so that all we have to concentrate on is your need.

No Middlemen

No distributors or intimidating retail spaces. We know about all the pain that comes whenever a middle man is involved and that gives you a heartache. Doesn’t it?

Our merchandise is crafted on an order to order basis. No major inventory to take care of so that we meditate and get engrossed in only on your need.

However you cut it, the glass is full.


How we manage to do it?

Its simple and reduces complexity! The traditional method is to separate, all the tasks done by different people, which creates a lot of confusion.

That worked, but we work even better. We love multi-tasking and that’s where our advantage lies. We’ve had better results than anyone. Trust us. Try us.

We have

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